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(updated on March 14,2018)

Dear Samajbhandavas,

       Please find the list of bride and bride grooms updated till March 14,2018 at Sambhandu Matrimonial Directory , Bangalore Sri Kashi Math,Bangalore.


 The lists are based on the details furnished to us by the concerned and we take no responsibility about the factual correctness of any of the details.You may please get these verified to your satisfaction.

Please do update us for any corrections/marriage/engagement/deletions etc. The updations can be informed by email using the email id soirika@gmail.com, please quote the DOB,NAME and APPLICATION NO as reference.

List of BOYS with Date of Birth Between Year 1960 till 1984
List of BOYS with Date of Birth Between Year 1985 till 1993
List of GIRLS with Date of Birth Between Year 1966 till 1986
List of GIRLS with Date of Birth Between Year 1987 till 1996

Also Please use the link http://www.soirika.in/sambhandu/

for online view of the list and with options like search and also excel save of the filtered list.

Please mail to soirika@gmail.com for any queries.

for second marriage list use the link



Also as you are aware, the work of maintaining the Sambhandu Matrimonial Database/Details and publication of SOIRIKA  involves expenses and hence is funded by Donations. We seek donations from people like you , so that more work can be taken up for better and improved facilities. You may arrange remittance by DD/Cheque in favour of "Sambhandu" payable at Bangalore.

Sambhandu Registration can be done using the following procedure.

1.Fill the PDF form (link below) with required/correct details
(manually or using Typewriter mode in Adode PDF Reader)
2. Attach the Printout form , with a Bio data form (if required), horoscope copy(single page)
 and a Postcard size Photo(mandatory)
3, Post or drop to the following address .
Note : The forms received with Post or dropped to the office only will be added/registered.


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