How to Enjoy Vacation While in Recovery

How will we avoid drinking or using when we’re away from home, with all of our recovery routines disrupted? It’s true that vacation can have some challenges for people recovering from substance use disorder, but if we’re mindful, we can navigate through them and stay sober on vacation. Another option is to travel with other sober people who share your interests and goals. Join a sober travel group online or through a specialized travel agency. You can also connect with sober people through social media, online forums, or local meetings.

Spending your money on local goods and businesses helps support and sustain local economies. You could also make contributions to nature reserves and national parks. Meditation and other relaxing techniques are tried and tested methods of reducing anxiety symptoms and other pressures. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Long has been a writer for Landmark Recovery since 2021. He specializes in research and writing about substance abuse from a scientific and social perspective.

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The travel plans you’re making probably wouldn’t have been possible before you found the courage and perseverance to embrace a substance-free life. Do all you can to learn about the place you’ll visit, the customs, and even the modes of transportation you’ll need to navigate the area. New experiences are part of the fun of travel, but too many new things can trigger the desire for old comforts for people with substance use disorders. Whether you have just discovered your new life in recovery, or you have been sober for some time, remember to enjoy the ride, but don’t forget to pack your recovery toolbox! Recovery can open up new possibilities and opportunities, especially while traveling.

  • Another option is to travel with other sober people who share your interests and goals.
  • Scheduling these connections ahead of time will help keep you accountable and give you an extra boost of confidence as you enjoy your adventures.
  • Always seek the advice of your physician or other licensed health care provider.

When going on a trip, you may feel that you are leaving any stressors or struggles behind you. Please know that whatever you leave behind, you will return to it. Try to plan your trip after you have successfully managed your recovery for a significant amount of time. Design for Recovery provides structured sober living in Los Angeles, California.

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And more importantly, they can be found most anywhere you choose to travel. Alcoholics Anonymous even offers a directory of online meeting you can participate in while you travel. Although the idea of taking a vacation with the aim of getting quality rest time is nothing new, the number of travelers interested in sleep tourism is growing.

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